Worried about your baby’s hair? Don’t worry, you are not alone! These days, most parents put themselves under pressure to make their child’s hair healthy and beautiful from the start.

It’s difficult to know where to start from; with so much conflicting information online its hard to identify the right way to take care of your baby’s hair. After all, what’s right for Becky’s baby might not be good for your own baby emoji unicode: 1f609

What you probably didn’t know, is that your baby’s hair in infancy is almost perfect as it is. You don’t have to touch it up much.

an african american baby girl

Your baby has a very sensitive scalp, and her skull is still developing, so you’d do well to avoid pulling or tugging their hair at this stage. Using heavy products is also a no-no. There is still so much time to do that when their skulls have developed a little stronger.

Here are some more tips on keeping your baby’s hair healthy and lush.

1. Avoid adult products on your baby’s hair.

Most of our adult hair shampoos, even the mild ones, have chemicals that are too harsh for your baby’s hair. Using adult products can damage your little one’s hair and scalp, and cause irritation, rashes, and dryness. Use mild sulfate-free baby shampoos for your baby’s hair, and choose products made for African-American baby hair.

For biracial hair or pure African hair, a wide range of products are available from the Shea Moisture Collection, designed for curly and fragile hair textures. Try to go for products rich in:

  • Coconut oils: the best moisturizer Mother Nature could ever give us! It penetrates deep into hair follicles and speeds hair growth, while protecting your baby’s scalp from dandruff and inflammations.
  • Carrot oils: the natural source of vitamins A, E and beta-carotene
  • Avocado oils: rich in vitamins A, B, D & E, not to forget the proteins and amino acids.
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Shea_Moisture for Baby

You can also make some of these natural hair products at home!


2. Be gentle when washing your baby’s hair

You don’t need to wash your baby’s hair everyday. Black hair does not produce much oil, so washing too frequently removes the natural oils, and leaves the hair dry and frizzy. As we mentioned earlier, shampoos and soap should not be used regularly, as they can  damage to your little one’s hair and scalp. Most times, all you need is a wet washcloth to wipe down her hair after bathing.

The few times you use a shampoo, rub it in softly. Rinse with lukewarm water; and detangle gently with a wide-toothed comb if your baby’s hair is long. At this stage you may also use some conditioner to soften the hair, making it easy to detangle. You could also treat your little one to a soft scalp massage as you rub the conditioner onto the scalp.

Remember not to use any heat to dry the hair!


3. Use a little oil for moisturizing.

The secret to a healthy hair for your baby lies in the right amount of moisture. Moisturizing helps to prevent breakage. Keep using the same natural oils, coconut, carrot or avocado as they are relatively light for your baby’s hair. Massage in gently, or use a soft baby brush to cover the hair evenly.

curly hair baby

4. Styling

Style as desired. You may tie up the hair using hair bands, however, remember to do this gently and tie the band as loosely as possible, to avoid pulling the scalp.

Check out a few hair styling ideas:

cornrows baby hair

african-american-baby-hairstyle afro puff

Watch this video for a comprehensive guide:

Have any other tips on how to care for your ebony baby’s hair? Share in the comments below.

Stay tuned for more tips!


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