Shocking…11 Facts About B00bs That You Didn’t Know… But Absolutely Need To.

Shocking…11 Facts About B00bs That You Didn’t Know… But Absolutely Need To.




Female’s body is more creative than male’s body, no doubt! Lot of curves make it attractive and beautiful for the opposite s#x beholders. Bre@sts are one of the curves that are responsible for the bold beauty of a woman.

Bre@sts are also known as the mammary glands that feed new born baby to its fullest. Bre@sts are round in shape we all know that but there are some facts that you probably don’t know about bre@sts that we are going to share with you here.



Here are 11 common but rarely known facts about female breasts. #5 is significant.

#1. Female bre@sts are mainly made up of fat, bre@st tissues, veins and connective tissues. The concentration of all of these is very much in the bre@st making it bigger in size.



#2. The n!pples which women have on their bre@st can be of 8 types which are flat, inverted type 1, inverted type 2, inverted type3, puffy, short n!pple, long n!pple.

#3. Unfortunately, women are more vulnerable to bre@st cancers so they should regularly visit to the doctor for the check up as it can be controlled in the early stages only.



#4. The reason behind the v@ginal 0rgasm is the n!pples. N!pplegasms, stimulation of n!pples releases an oxytocin which leads to the v@ginal 0rgasm.


#5. When it comes to your first period, it is the time from where only 2 or 3 years left in which your b()()bs grow.



#6. The largest featured bra size is in TLC`s strange s#x of size 102ZZZ. It is hard to believe but it is totally true.

#7. As the hormones in your body keeps on changing so it also affects the size of your b00bs making them also to change their size.



#8. You will be amazed by knowing that both of your b00bs are not equal to each other. Your left b00b is always bigger than the right one.

#9. Studies have revealed that smoking by females breaks a specially protein in the br@ast called elastin and helps them to grow and achieve bigger size.



#10. The colour of your n!pples goes dark as the time of pregnancy completes. It is totally normal and there is nothing to worry about.

#11. Each n!pple of the females has 15 to 20 holes in it for the flow of milk in the mouth of the baby. These small holes are also known as lobes.








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