Emotional Bonding between Parents and Children

Emotional Bonding between Parents and Children



The emotional bond between parents and children is very important for the development of the child. Since the content of the parents, especially mothers with children has been established emotional ties which this closeness will affect the formation of character later.


How to grow and maintain an emotional bond in everyday life?

  • The power of touch and hugs: the power of touch and hug has proved successful in establishing the emotional bond between parent and child, a baby can feel comfort and love from both parents through caresses and cuddles which are often given to him. Children who grow up with a lot of ‘nutrition’ touch and embrace the love of parents will become more sensitive and compassionate.
  • Communication, communication and communication: Be a speaker at the same time a good listener for your child, avoid half listening syndrome which is when parents do not fully focus on listening to what their child is saying, for example because they are busy doing other activities. Try to listen while driving, cooking, playing gadgets etc.
  • Play along: there is nothing more exciting for children than parents who want to spend some time playing with them. Through play, the relationship between family members can be tightened. Spread a sense of fun and make playing a moment to be remembered in the future.
  • Daily routine: get used to following a routine that makes children aware of and can feel the presence and love of parents; for example bathed, dressed, prepare breakfast, take the kids to school, and so on.

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